About Me

Patrick Dobbins Hello! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in December of 2008. I have been teaching a class at Life West for a few years now. The class is Applied Nutrition, a senior nutrition class focused on applying the principles of diet and nutrition in a clinical setting.

I also have been in private practice in Alameda since 2008. I predominately use tools to adjust the spine and skeletal frame, although I will perform manual adjustments when necessary. I do a lot of soft tissue work, and techniques such as Sacro-Occipital Technique, Neuromechanical Technique, Activator Methods, and Diversified. It’s kind of a hodgepodge of techniques, as most chiropractors end up doing. We personalize techniques, which makes it tough to find a chiropractor that matches the style you may like (if you have a preference). I discuss at length customized exercise and rehabilitation routines. I talk a lot about food and diet, because most people don’t realize that what you eat effects the pain you have, if you have it. I will order blood work 20130813-091035.jpgif necessary to discuss your case in more detail. I see all types of people; young and old, athletes and couch potatoes. That range pretty much sums up most people out there. I have worked on little 4 month old babies, 98 year old women, local crossfit gurus, busy moms, high school athletes, college kids, catholic priests, evangelical pastors, pharmacists, lawyers, Stanford and Berkeley professors, a retired mathematician and author, professional salsa dancers, people from just about every walk of life. At a certain level, we are all the same. In a certain way, we all make similar choices about our health that can lead to pain and dis-function, or ease and proper function. The more we know about ourselves, the more able we are to do the right thing.